Douglas College International Student Scholarships 2024, Canada

Nestled within the awe-inspiring landscapes of British Columbia’s picturesque surroundings, Douglas College stands as a radiant guide, illuminating a realm brimming with dynamic educational possibilities. With its roots deeply embedded in a rich history marked by unwavering academic excellence, this institution has consistently served as a nurturing sanctuary for innumerable students, expertly leading them through a diverse and gratifying educational journey.

Positioned gracefully amidst the natural allure of Metro Vancouver, the campuses of Douglas College seamlessly integrate contemporary architectural elements with the serene beauty of their surroundings, creating an inspirational backdrop for scholarly exploration. The New Westminster campus exudes a captivating historical charm that gracefully intertwines with the modern architecture of the Coquitlam campus, forming not just centers of learning but vibrant canvases for the artistic odyssey of education.

Douglas College transcends the conventional boundaries of a typical educational establishment, transforming into a thriving community where scholars, learners, and educators converge to joyously celebrate the relentless pursuit of knowledge. This institution takes immense pride in fostering a profound sense of belonging, recognizing each student as a unique individual with their distinct narrative and aspirations. Faculty and staff extend beyond their conventional roles as educators, assuming the mantle of mentors who adeptly guide students through intellectual expeditions, skillfully preparing them for the myriad challenges that lie beyond the confines of the classroom.

Douglas College scholarship Description:

  • Host University: Douglas College;
  • Host Country: Canada;
  • Study Level: Undergraduate Level;
  • Scholarship Type: Partial Funding;
  • Scholarship Worth: 7,000$;
  • Eligible Countries: International Students;
  • Courses Offered: all subjects ;
  • Top of Form
  • Application Deadline: September 30th, 2024.

Embarking on an educational odyssey in Canada becomes a thrilling prospect thanks to the availability of the Douglas College International Student Scholarships. This distinguished scholarship initiative, currently open for applications, offers a unique set of advantages that we will explore in detail, providing a step-by-step guide for a seamless application process.

To be eligible for this prestigious scholarship, prospective recipients must demonstrate sustained academic excellence throughout the academic year. Each year, a carefully chosen group of up to five outstanding students will be selected as recipients, and the scholarship funds will be equitably distributed for both the Fall and Winter semesters.

Douglas College scholarship Benefits:

The International Student Scholarship at Douglas College offers a multifaceted opportunity, creating a pathway for deserving students to enhance their academic journey. This distinguished scholarship initiative goes beyond the ordinary, generously covering tuition fees and providing invaluable financial support of up to CAD 7,000 for the selected recipients.

This unique scholarship opportunity stands as a testament to Douglas College’s commitment to fostering academic excellence and ensuring that deserving students have the means to access and benefit from a quality education.

Eligibility Requirements:

Prospective candidates aspiring to secure the esteemed Douglas College International Student Scholarship must meet distinct prerequisites, ensuring a fair and competitive selection process. These eligibility criteria include:

  • Demonstrated proficiency in the English language.
  • Open to students on a global scale, fostering a diverse and inclusive candidate pool.
  • Submission of a High School Diploma with a commendable GPA of at least 60% or an equivalent qualification, emphasizing academic excellence.
  • Adherence to stringent English language proficiency standards, requiring candidates to achieve a minimum TOEFL iBT score of 83 or attain a minimum overall band score of 6.5 in the IELTS Academic module. These requirements underscore the commitment to ensuring that scholarship recipients possess the linguistic skills necessary for success in their academic pursuits at Douglas College.

Application Process:

To successfully complete your application for the Douglas College International Student Scholarship, meticulously follow these detailed guidelines:

  1. Initiate Your Application: As the crucial first step, commence your scholarship application process once you have received an official admission offer from Douglas College. Navigate to the scholarship application form by clicking the “Apply now” button, conveniently accessible through the provided link. This link acts as the gateway to the application, guiding you effortlessly through the process.
  2. Compile Necessary Documentation: In preparation for your application, ensure the thorough gathering of all required documents listed below to strengthen your submission. These documents should be meticulously assembled and sent to the specified mailing address: mail to: Douglas College International Admissions Room 2800 700 Royal Ave New Westminster, BC V3M 5Z5 Canada. This meticulous attention to detail in assembling and dispatching the necessary paperwork is vital to ensuring a comprehensive and successful application for the scholarship.

Supporting Documents:

The requisite documents crucial for your application encompass a range of detailed elements:

  • Completed and Signed Student Application Form: Ensure the careful completion and signing of the student application form, a fundamental component of your application.
  • International Waiver Form (if applicable): For individuals with specific access to admission-related information, include the international waiver form as relevant to your circumstances.
  • Passport and Study Permit: Provide a scanned copy of your passport, accompanied by a duplicate of your study permit if applicable, to verify your identity and eligibility.
  • Comprehensive Academic Transcripts: Furnish thorough transcripts that meticulously detail your academic journey and accomplishments, offering a comprehensive overview of your educational background.
  • Graduation Verification: Submit evidence of your graduation, emphasizing the preference for authenticated original copies if the documents are not in English, ensuring the authenticity of your academic achievements.
  • English Language Proficiency Verification: Include documentation validating your proficiency in the English language, a crucial factor in ensuring your success in academic pursuits at Douglas College.
  • Application Fee Receipt: Present a non-refundable application fee receipt of CAD 100. Facilitate this transaction seamlessly through the Flywire Payment Portal for Douglas College, accessible at douglascollege.flywire.com. This unique payment portal underscores the institution’s commitment to providing a smooth and accessible application process for prospective scholarship applicants.

Official Website:

For more information, please visit the university’s official website: https://www.douglascollege.ca/international-students/prospective-students/scholarships-and-awards

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